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Out grown ponies often love having a new job and carriage driving is a great way of giving a new lease of life to a pony that’s getting fat or bored in a field. It is also great for working kid’s ponies, and keeping them well behaved, so that they become better riding ponies.

We can do the training for you or we can help you step by step through the process of training your pony.

Look out!

Putting a carriage on a pony has to be done in stages that the pony can understand and not get frightened by something chasing him where ever he goes.

Already Driving?

Do you want to get the best help for your horse? Is your horse happy in his job?

Is your horse performing at his best?

Are you struggling to achieve the best results?

Can your horse understand what you want?


  • on bitting for your horse, 
  • if your having problems like teaching your horse to stand still in a carriage
  • on bend correctly when turning . 
  • with many training related problems you might be having.


Rowena’s love of training horses and ponies has enabled her over the years to understand how to make each level of training easier for you and your horse or pony, finding causes of problems and helping better connection between driver and horse.

How is your competing going?

Do you need a better extension in the dressage?

Can you stand still for longer than 10 secs?

What shape really are your circles?

Are you getting the score that you want to get?

Is the timing in the cones elusive?

Are you getting round the obstacles making it smooth and flowing?

Competition Carriage Driving is Rowena`s passion and bringing newcomers into the sport is imperative and helping others rise through the ranks is so rewarding.

Customer testimonials

Absolutely fabulous carriage taster session with the most patient and good-humoured driver and horse combo – Peter and Bwrw were such fun.
Their kindness for three total novices, aged between 80s and just into double figures was wonderful; instructions were clear, we felt encouraged and motivated to try harder on each new corner and obstacle!
We have recommended Rowena’s carriage driving sessions to all our friends and will definitely be coming back.

Bea W

Squid was dually deposited in South Wales at the end of 2021 and that’s where I thought my input would end…Rowena however had other ideas and teaching the pony wasn’t her only goal, and by a mixture of subtle persuasion and dropping me in at the deep end with minimum warning I ended up on the journey with Squid to learn a new skill. The original idea was to prepare Squid for Margret to drive him at the Royal Welsh, what eventually happened was so much more.


I have had three lessons and an assessment with Rowena, during breaks in lockdown, both with my own pony, the Pony of a great friend and with Minstrel, one of the world championship standard driving ponies that are kept and trained at South Wales Carriage Driving Centre. Right from the word go Rowena has a knack of connecting with both pony and driver. Her wealth of experience both as a top level competitor and coach enable her to intuitively get the best out of each combination. Lessons are collaborative, enabling the learner to express their aims/ dreams and for Rowena to suggest areas to work on to achieve those aims. Each step is clearly explained and built upon, discussing how it feels as a driver and what it looks like as a judge. I particularly like the “small steps” approach to both lessons and homework. I have left each session feeling that progress has been made and I know what to work on next, both proof of Rowena’s skill as a coach and mentor.

Lisa Perrot

Rowena Moyse is an excellent coach who inspires students to achieve more than they thought possible. She has a natural empathy with the animals and a laid back approach to teaching carriage driving backed up with many years of expertise in top level competition. Thoroughly recommended.

Alan Hodges

Where do I begin, I cannot express how grateful and happy I am with the service from Rowena & Peter, I felt like my pony did a stars in your eyes transformation, in goes an impatient and manner less piggy pony and out of the smoke comes an amazing great pony doing it all. giving me the convidence to take the reins once more, by the time we left we did the cones and had a go at the XC track, even had a go at the stressage with Peter’s great commentary skills we finished it, as I was a complete nervous wreck I can only explain Peter as having the David Attenborough vibes which for some1 like me is great, also I have to say how laid back and non judgemental these guys are. Being a larger lady with a 12hh pony I was nervous at peoples reactions, but never once was I made to feel uncomfortable in any which way. I cannot recommend these guys enough changed our lifes I can’t wait to come back and enjoy the club and show. Thank you guys from Sarah & Nookie xx

Sarah Parry